96% Mini Wind Turbine
Mini Wind Turbine


Mini Wind Turbine has all-weather generator and high performance blade and can generate
70 watts @ 20 mph

This is a 70 watt mini wind turbine. It was designed for LOW wind areas.  If it is turning at all it is producing 12 volts.

Depending upon what kind of load (higher loads require more wind to begin turning) you have hooked  to it, it will start turning in as little as 8-9 mph winds. I consider 15-16 mph winds to be perfect and and 20 mph winds to be maximum survivable conditions.
We do offer a 6 blade prop and hub kit for $40.00 extra. This will make the turbine start turning in 5-6 mph winds. Contact me if you need this kit.  The kit contains 3 additional blades and a hub built for 6 blades.

What can you use this turbine for? Well let me give you a few ideas.

  • Under good conditions (15-16 mph winds) this unit will put out around 50 watts of power. This will slowly trickle charge a 12 volt battery.
  •  The unit can easily be carried in a back pack when broken down.
  • I get emails almost every day from folks that want a mini wind turbine to power a small dc light bulb when it's turning. They just want to see a light burning when they look out the window at night or while sitting on the porch in the evenings. This unit will do that also. If it's turning it will light the bulb (not included) and it gets brighter as wind speed increases.
     I recommend a 12v bulb. You can also use LED's but don't try the ultra low voltage versions as this turbine will burn them up very quickly.
  • This unit is perfect for your child's school project or your own alternative energy project. Key word: experimentation.
    See how wind power really works. Discover wind powers strengths and weakness' before you put your hard earned money into a
    more expensive wind turbine. Boy and Girl scouts also have a blast experimenting with this turbine.
  • Some folks with ideal wind conditions have successfully used these micro turbines to supplement their solar panels when
    providing power to remote barns, shops, cabins, fence chargers, gate openers, sailboats etc.

    Connecting this turbine couldn't be simpler. After mounting the turbine onto a pole or pipe that allows it to operate in clean air, connect the positive and negative wires from the turbine to the positive and negative terminals of your battery using 14 or 16 gauge wire. No charge controller is needed because 10 watts of power will never overcharge a 12 volt battery.

    The output of this unit was verified during open voltage tests and direct short amperage tests under controlled conditions.
    Both the output and function of each turbine is verified before boxing. 

    Here's a detailed description of the item:
  •  The unit is very small, about 20" long from the tip of the prop to the end of the tail fin.
  • It comes with a blocking diode installed so as not to discharge your battery when the wind isn't turning the turbine.
  • The main beam (frame) is made of 2/4" steel square tubing and painted black. Plastic plugs are used to cap the ends of the
     turbine to give a nice, finished appearance.
  • The down tube (the part that slips into your mounting pole, etc.) is 1" steel and is welded to the main beam. 
  • The tail fin (which keeps it pointed into the wind) is made of inexpensive white plastic and is bolted to the main beam
    with a pair of bolts.
  • The generator motor is solidly clamped to the main beam and will not move.
  • The motor cover is made of pvc plastic pipe and painted. Style and colors of the motor cover may vary.
  •  2 blades (16" each) come with this turbine. They are made from pvc plastic pipe. The plastic used may have scuff marks due to the way the manufacturer ships the pipe.
  • The prop hub is made from 2/16" ABS plastic.
  • The unit comes 95% assembled and anyone can bolt on the tail fin and install the prop in less than 5 minutes.